Tesla owners could soon be able to stream Netflix in software version 10

We're close enough to the release of software version 9 and Musk is already teasing version 10

It seems like Tesla owners might soon be able to watch videos right on their car’s dashboard display.

A Tesla owner recently tweeted at Elon Musk asking if their Tesla would eventually get the ability to play videos while they are charging it. Musk responded by simply stating “version 10.”

Specifically, the user asked if Netflix and YouTube were slated to make their way to the vehicles sizable display, allowing owners to stream content while the vehicle is charging.

It seems like this is on the list of Tesla Software version 10 features. Since Tesla vehicles are still running version 8, it could still be a long time until the feature sees the light of day.

Musk has stated in the past that software version 9 — which is rumoured to add more self-driving features to the vehicles — is slated to release at the end of the summer.

It will also be interesting to see if the feature will be locked so drivers can only use it while their car is stationary, or if it will be available while the car is in use.

Source: Twitter