Clicking on Prime Day’s ‘Shop All Deals’ results in an endless loop

Update 07/16/18 10:30 ET: Clicking at the the top of the Prime Day page no longer results in an endless loop and instead navigates to the proper deals page.

Update 07/16/18 4:30 ET: The ‘Shop All Deals‘ button has now disappeared from the main page and an expanded list of specific items and categories is in its place. Clicking at the top of the site makes the ‘Shop All Deals’ button appear again, but the loop continues.

In an effort to perhaps channel his inner Dr. Evil, it looks like Jeff Bezos’ Amazon is off to a rocky Prime Day start.

While individual sales seem to be working, it’s not possible to click on ‘Shop All Deals’ when navigating Amazon’s microsite — you just get pushed back to the same page.

So yes, if this issue is happening to you right now, you aren’t alone. It’s likely that Amazon will solve this problem soon. If that’s the case we’ll update this story accordingly.

Prime Day

Amazon’s ‘Fail Puppies’ are also frequently showing up when specific Prime Day deal items are selected, according to a number of Tweets.

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