Instagram is letting users mute specific profiles on their timeline

Instagram is giving a little bit of timeline control back to users

Instagram iOS app on phone

Instagram is starting to roll out a mute feature that will allow users to hide certain profiles from their timelines.

When a user mutes an account they’ll still stay friends so they’ll be able to visit their profile and send messages, but the muted profile’s posts will not show up on the user’s timeline.

Whenever a user is muted, it remains a secret. This means that they won’t know they’ve been muted.

To mute an account, hit the three dot menu button on a post and then select ‘mute.’ You’ll then be able to decide if you want to mute just posts, Stories or both.

So far the option hasn’t rolled out to me on iOS or Android, but since this news comes from the official Instagram blog it’s safe to assume the new feature will make its way to Canada soon.

This feature is similar to the ‘unfollow’ feature on Facebook that essentially works in the exact same way.

Source: Instagram