iOS App Store ‘Developers Union’ advocates for free trials for all apps

It's more of a petition than a union, but it may make Apple take heed

App Store

It’s not easy making a living on the App Store, according to a group of iOS app developers advocating for change.

The group, which goes by the name of The Developers Union, is requesting that Apple make it easier for developers to bring in customers by allowing for free trials on any apps.

Currently, Apple’s App Store only allows for free trials on subscription apps.

Additionally, the group says it might advocate for a more reasonable revenue cut than what’s currently offered in the future.

As it stands, Apple takes 30 percent of revenue and the developer 70 percent, or it offers an 85/15 split if the app is able to maintain long-term subscribers.

The group hasn’t specified exactly what it would prefer when it comes to revenue cut, but it might be looking at Microsoft as a reference of what’s possible.

As of later this year, the Redmond-based tech giant will give 85 percent of any non-gaming app revenue to Windows developers if purchased through the Microsoft store and 95 percent if it was purchased externally.

Though The Developers Union is requesting changes, it notes on its own website that it is, in fact, a “non-union union” — more of a petition platform than anything else. There are no dues or requirements when it comes to joining, and any developer can add their name to the list of supporters.

Currently, there are over 500 apps supporting the cause.

Source: The Developers Union