Toronto-developed 1Password gets updated to its seventh version on Mac

The app is now easier to use and has some new features

Toronto-based password manager 1Password has received its first big update in five years with the launch of 1Password 7.

The seventh generation of this software brings a whole host of updates and it’s all coming to Mac OS first.

The update adds two new security features, but it’s mainly focused on updating the design and organization of the app.

To start off the app, has updated its Mini with a new look and a few more features. The Mini is a small window that recommends passwords to users when they need them. This feature works with most browsers and now some Mac apps as well.

Another noticeable change is the overall design of the app. There is a new sidebar that helps users sort all of their passwords and it’s the place users can access the other functions of the app.

Some of these new functions are haveibeenpwned.com and twofactorauth.org integration. Haveibeenpwned is a website that maintains a database of existing password and data that has been hacked or leaked.

With this integration, users will be notified if they need to change their password for a service that has been hacked. Twofactorauth.org is another website that keeps track of websites that support two-factor authentication. If it detects that users are not using two-factor it will notify the user to set it up.

There is also a list of other features such as Spotlight search integration, a new password strength metre and a new font.

There’s a longer list of new items available on the 1Password website here.

To get all these new features users will have to pay $49.99 USD to buy the app or upgrade from 1Password 6, or $2.99 USD a month. The $49.99 price is only available as a launch sale and users will have to pay $64.99 USD for a product license after the sale ends.

The update is free for existing 1Password subscription customers.

Source: 1Password