TwelveSouth launches AirFly adapter to connect Apple’s AirPods to entertainment systems

AirPod AirFly adapter

Apple accessory maker TwelveSouth has launched the AirFly, an adapter that allows users to connect their AirPod headphones to in-flight entertainment systems.

Given that the AirPods are wireless, the AirFly is a way for owners to use the headphones with devices that only feature a 3.5mm headphone jack and also lack Bluetooth connectivity, such as in-flight entertainment systems or cardio machines at a gym.

TwelveSouth says the AirFly’s will last up to eight hours.

The AirFly is far from the only Bluetooth to 3.5mm adapters on the market, but TwelveSouth seems to hope that its history of producing Apple accessories will be a major selling point.

The AirFly’s design also seems reminiscent of the AirPod case itself, making the two devices look right at home with one another.

TwelveSouth is selling the AirFly on its website for $39.99 USD (approximately $51.43 CAD), with shipping to Canada available at an additional charge.

Via: 9to5Mac