Google launches Material Gallery app to helps designers share work

Part of the company's big push to get more designers working with Material Design

Google launched a new Material Gallery app to help designers share and receive feedback on their work.

Designers can share their progress on the Material Gallery Android and iOS apps, while users can leave feedback and notes on designs through the app as well.

Google insists Material Gallery is for all design projects, despite the app’s Material Design focus.

This all comes as Google continues to push its four-year-old design language.

Despite its age, some app makers remain slow to take up Google’s Material Design language. Google no doubt hopes that Material Gallery will help get more developers and designers on board.

Part of this Google’s Material Design initiative is Material Theming, a plugin for Sketch. Sketch is a prototyping application that developers use to form the overall look of an application when its done.

Material Theming makes it easy for developers to apply Material Design guidelines to their work, as well as apply Material Design automatically to work they’ve already done.

On top of all this, Google also has a Material Design website to help show off what designers can do with the design language.

The search giant is committing a lot of effort to Material Design, and I am all for it. It’s a very clean, pretty design language that’s also functional. I would love to see more Material Design apps on my phone, and on the web.

Material Gallery can be accessed through an Android and iOS app, or through the web. Simply login with your Google account.

Source: Android Authority