PUBG Mobile gets 28-player ‘Arcade’ mode in new update

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is a surprisingly competent port of the popular PC and Xbox One battle royale title.

That said, games in the mobile version of Battlegrounds’ can take anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes depending on how long you survive. While this might be reasonable on console and PC, this is a lengthy play session in the often on-the-go mobile gaming space.

A new update for the iOS and Android version of PUBG solves this problem by shrinking the play session down to a length somewhere between five and 10 minutes.

In this new ‘Arcade’ mode, the starting player count is reduced to 28 from the typical 100. The safe area is also smaller, with players dropping into a circle that’s only a few kilometres in diameter.

Other novelty modes have been added to PUBG Mobile as well with this update, including snipers only, shotguns only, pistols only and melee weapons only. Another game mode called “item heaven” gives access to high-level loot earlier on in the match.

Finally, the update — referred to as 0.4.0 — also adds a new training grounds feature to the game, allowing players to test out the games weapons at a shooting range.

There’s currently no word on when these features will make their way to PC or Xbox One. PUBG Mobile is available on iOS and Android.