Rare reveals roadmap for future Sea of Thieves content, first update releases next month

Rare has plans to launch a number of Sea of Thieves expansions in the coming months

If you’ve spoken to me about anything in the last few weeks, it’s likely that I somehow found a way to mention to you that I really like Sea of Thieves.

The Xbox and PC exclusive, Rare-developed game, recently surpassed two million players — in part, because it’s a part of Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass platform — and now the developer behind the title has revealed plans for five major content updates over the course of this year.

In a recent YouTube video, Joe Neate, Sea of Thieves executive producer, revealed that the following new features are set to make their way to the the game in the coming weeks and months:

  • Rare plans to launch regular content and weekly events that will add major features, including items, mechanics and expanded goals.
  • The first content update is set to arrive in early May 2018 and is called ‘The Hungering Deep.’ This content pack brings a new threat to Sea of Thieves’ world that players will need to work together to fight. It’s likely that it will consist of some sort of monster like the Kraken.
  • Another update is arriving this summer called ‘Cursed Sails,’ which adds a new ship and the ‘Forsaken Shores,’ a completely new region. Other than this, little is known about Cursed Sails.
  • Other planned features such as pets and Ship Captaincy are on the back-burner while the team works on mission-based content.
  • All upcoming updates are completely free

While these updates still seem somewhat sparse, it’s great to see that Microsoft is working towards responding to most of Sea of Thieves early criticism. While I’ve had a great time with the game, there’s just not that much to it at this point. That said, sailing across the open ocean in a giant tall ship still fulfills a long-running video game dream I’ve always had.

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