Google might call the next version of Android, ‘Popsicle’

A wallpaper shard by Google on Instagram hints at Android Popsicle

Rumours are swirling that Google could plan to call next generation of its mobile operating system, Android Popsicle.

The social networking giant has shared some very Google looking images of popsicles on its Instagram profile as part of its “Spring Screening.”

The company turned a recent Instagram story into a way for users to grab colourful wallpapers for their phones, with one of the five wallpapers featuring popsicles.

So far all that we know is the next Android OS will start with a ‘P’ and that it will be a desert. Besides this, Google has shared zero hints related to the name for the next version of Android, at least not until now, maybe. Of course this is all just speculation, but if the next version of Android is named Popsicle, this would be an interesting way for Google to tease it.

Even if it isn’t the name of Google’s next OS, it does make for a very summery wallpaper.

All of the wallpapers can be downloaded by checking out Google’s instagram story here.

Source: Google