Instagram addresses feed criticism by making newer posts appear more often

Instagram iOS app on phone

Instagram has announced an update to its algorithms to ensure that newer posts will appear more often in the feed, following criticism that they would frequently get buried underneath older content.

Now, Instagram will place a greater emphasis on displaying posts that were shared more recently, even if they originally were uploaded in a different time zone.

As well, Instagram is also addressing feedback in regards to how the feed can automatically refresh and change the order of posts while a user is in the app. The social media giant has added a ‘New Posts’ button that lets users choose when they want to refresh the feed, rather than it happening automatically.

Tapping the button will take users to the top of the feed, while not tapping will let users stay where they are in the feed..

Instagram says it will share more details about improvements it’s making to the feed “over the next few months.”

In other Instagram news, users will now be able to add hashtags and other account handles in their bios.

Source: Instagram Via: The Verge