Spotify adds new tool to suggest edits for song information

Helping add info to artists pages

Spotify app on phone

Spotify has added a new feature that allows users to report songs or edit the contextual information related to a song, such as genre, language, mood and more.

The new feature is called Line-in. It’s accessible from the Spotify desktop app by right-clicking on a song and clicking the ‘Suggest an Edit’ option.

Pressing the button opens up a webpage that allows users to suggest edits to song information. Users can add information like language, explicitness, genre, aliases, mood, tags and artist roles. There’s also a section where users can say if they liked or disliked a song with help of emoji.

A screen shot of the top portion of the Line-in screen for how to suggest song edits

The other option that Line-in presents is a page full of surveys about different musical genres.

These surveys present users with random songs and albums and asks one specific question, such as what is the genre, or does this song contain swearing.

So far, users can’t edit things like album art, song title, label and duration.

Source: Spotify  Via: Android Police