Netflix says it’s ‘exploring’ bringing an app to the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

At one point shortly after the Nintendo Switch launched, I argued that the system could potentially evolve into a great all-in-one, portable gaming and streaming device, which lead to a significant amount of criticism from some of the Nintendo faithful.

Still, call me crazy, but I think it’s possible that the Switch could both be a great hybrid gaming console and a media player with limited web browsing capabilities. While the possibility of Netflix coming to the Switch looked bleak at first, based on a tweet sent out by the streaming platform earlier today, it seems that may have changed.

A Twitter exchange between Netflix’s official customer service twitter account and a Nintendo fan, first indicated that Nintendo “Currently has no plans for Netflix on the Nintendo Switch.” The tweet, however, has since been deleted, with a correction taking its place.

It seems that Netflix is “exploring the opportunity” to bring Netflix to the Switch, though it’s unclear if an impending announcement is on the way at some point in the near future.

U.S-exclusive streaming service Hulu launched on the Switch back in November.

Source: Twitter Via: USGamer