Rogers registers three new IoT-related trademarks to kick off 2018


  • Rimtu Kahn

    How is it that Rogers gets to trademark the phrase “Smart TV” , I thought we’ve had Smart TVs for years and Rogers played no part in their development or trade. Rogers is a content maker and a developer of the last mile for delivery of content, they should not be able to register such an existing ubiquitous reference name for their personal trademark.

  • johny

    always last when it comes to innovation

  • Dimitri

    How can Rogers even be allowed to submit a registration form to trademark ” Smart TV”.. Since Smart TV’s have been around all manufactures have called them ” Smart TV’s”. Rogers just wants money that’s all…

    Smartperz? What are we 5 years old? Guess they want to get into the toy business now too?. Seems like Edward and Melinda Rogers including the board of directors have nothing better to do then to sit there and find stupid names to trademark which will fail like the Rogers Bank and Rogers Smart Drive. Barely anyone has those.