Google releases three new mobile photography apps as part of its ‘appseriments’ program


Google has revealed three new photography apps: Storyboard (Android only), Selfissimo (iOS and Android) and Scrubbies (iOS only).

The tech giant says that the new photography apps are part of its experimental ‘appseriments’ program.

Google’s new program was initially inspired by the company’s Motion Stills app, which released last year. In some ways this try-it-and-see-if-it-works approach to app development is similar to Microsoft’s Garage Program, which offers developers the chance to work on experimental projects.


Storyboard, the first app, takes video clips and pulls out six frames, laying them out in a comic book-style template. Google says that the app allows for over 1.6 trillion frame combinations.

Selfissimo! — which is a ridiculous name — is an automated black and white photo booth. Tapping the screen takes a photo every time you pose and stop moving.


Finally, Scrubbies, Google’s third app, allows users to remix videos like a DJ by scrubbing back and forth through clips.

It’s likely that we’ll see more of Google’s appseriments in the near future.

Source: Google