Instagram reportedly testing a Regram button and GIF support

Instagram iOS app

Typically, Instagram users looking to share someone else’s post would have to use a third-party app such as Regram. However, the social media giant may be secretly testing a Regram button in-app to do just that, according to a report from The Next Web.

The tech site didn’t mention how it got the information, but it did provide an image of what the Regram button might look like.

Instagram Regram button test

TNW also found that Instagram is testing support for GIFs, a feature that parent company Facebook added back in 2015. Little other information was revealed, although it appears that Instagram is pulling GIFs from the popular animated picture site GIPHY.

Additionally, while select users have been invited to test out Instagram on Android, there has never been an iOS equivalent — until now. TNW reports that Instagram is offering a very limited iOS beta to a small group of users to.

For users who share Stories often — ephemeral photos and videos that vanish after 24 hours — TNW also found that Instagram is offering some users the ability to archive their posts to be viewed in the future.

These are only a handful of the reported, currently testing features, however —  full breakdown can be found in TNW‘s article.

It’s important to note that Instagram and Facebook often test features with small groups of users, with some ultimately never seeing an official release afterwards. Therefore, take this report with a grain of salt until Instagram makes these features official.

Source: TNW