Destiny 2 gets Amazon Alexa Skill and Ghost replica speaker

Ghost, say hello to Alexa

Destiny 2 Ghost

In what might initially seem like a rather bizarre partnership, Activision has released a replica Ghost from Destiny 2 that comes equipped with Amazon’s Alexa voice-activated assistant.

In-game, the Ghost is a floating, intelligent helper that guides players through the game while providing helpful tips. This physical, real-world version of Destiny 2‘s Ghost, as well as the Ghost ‘skill’ that’s available to any Alexa-powered device, allows players to ask the virtual assistant questions and get answers to in-game concerns but in the real world.

Through the Ghost skill, players are able to perform tasks like equipping specific loud-outs, joining a clan and also receiving suggestions for what they can do next in the game. You’re also able to learn more about Destiny 2‘s back story, find out which friends are online, as well as track your clan’s progress and achievements.

Activision’s $90 USD (about $115 CAD) replica Ghost speaker actually syncs with an Amazon Echo device, so it doesn’t work as a standalone Alexa-equipped speaker. However, the Ghost does have some additional perks, including the voice of Nolan North and 1,000 custom responses.

Amazon’s Alexa Ghost speaker is set to ship on December 19th, 2017 and is available now along with Activision’s new Alexa skill. It’s likely that Destiny 2‘s in-game Alexa features are just the first of many video games that will include similar features.

In a press release, Amazon stated that it plans to allow Echo Buttons, which still haven’t been officially released in Canada, “to create gaming experiences.”

To download Alexa’s new Destiny 2 skill, follow this link. Unfortunately Activision’s Destiny 2 Alexa-enabled Ghost does not ship to Canada.

MobileSyrup has reached out to Amazon and Activision for more information on whether or not the collectable will make its way to Canada in the future. Given that the device still needs to be connected to an Echo or other Alexa-enabled product, this isn’t a huge loss.

Source: Amazon