Rogers and Fido extend Black Friday deals by one day ‘due to overwhelming demand’


  • Techguru86

    Who cares about $0 smartphones, let’s force better data pans, we may see that when Freedom drops IPhones next week.

    • heynow00

      Maybe the flanker brand’s but freedom mobile is not close to being a threat to the big 3. Look at the quarterly reports for all 3 of the big 3. They are still gaining subscribers, not losing.

      There is no reason to decrease plans when subscribers are increasing. By the time freedom gets decent LTE coverage the big 3 will be moving on to 5g.

    • Sanjay Kumar

      that’s a good news.
      freedom mobile will be cost effective option.
      I wouldn’t want to pay 50% more in the name of speed and signal strength.
      it’s not like I am gonna get rich having such strong signals.
      stupid way to waste more money.

    • isBacon

      Working in the business I can safely say that the majority of people would rather get an iPhone 8 for $0 and pay $105/m. It’s unfortunate but the reason for the growth between the big 3.

  • Canadiana Jones

    Yeah right. I called in yesterday to upgrade to Note 8, and a rep picked up the phone in about 15 seconds. This never happens on a regular day, so either they forced every possible rep to work during BF week or nobody is calling.

  • Dimitri

    Rose you might want to read also the fine print as well.. Google Home is only in stores..

    ” Purchase and activate, or upgrade to any Android smartphone on a 2-year 10GB Share Everything plan or higher and get a Google Home (value $179) on us!1

    Discover the hands-free assistant that gives you real-time answers to your questions, plays music, controls home functions and more – all through voice command. Find out more now!

    How it works:

    Buy in-Store: Get your Google Home gift same-day! Limited quantities, while supplies last.
    Not available when ordering online, though call centre or chat.
    Limit 1 gift per wireless account.”

    ” Available in-store only – Buy any Android phone on select 2-year Share EverythingTM plans, and get a Google Home ($179.99 value) on us”

  • h2oflyer

    Overwhelming demand was a number on a wall chart….either that number wasn’t met…or someone in management wants a bigger bonus by exceeding their target.

  • isBacon

    The real reason was because they’re systems crashed SO much over the weekend that they had to extend the sales so all the people who missed out had a chance to take advantage. There was one point where they had to completely pull the plug on everything and do a full system reset.

    • Dimitri

      That is true. My sister called in because she has a Premium Plan and her contact ended end of October. She waited 3hrs to speak to someone. Hung up. Called yesterday and was offered a huge apologize, $29 IPhone 8 Plus 64GB and was able to keep her plan the way it was and get her 2GB extra data for 2years. They just told them how long she waited and the rep explained everything to her.

      The rep also said that Rogers knew this was going to happen and pushed it for another day. Told their managers this on Sunday as well via email. Don’t know more on that.

  • This is nothing but a manufactured marketing ploy. They knew they were going to extend it as part of the original Black Friday offer.