Uber will soon make riders choose the reason they gave a four-star rating or lower


  • Dimitri

    There is always the option on not leaving a star at all but file a complaint. They can’t force someone to give a rating.

    The rating system is a joke anyways for any company. Many abuse it and many actually use it for useful comments like ” rating” per say.

    • Sanjay Kumar

      I hate this unbiased system uber has.
      drivers have to rate each rider to complete a trip.
      but riders still have optionality of rating.
      If riders are allowed to not rate, so should the drivers.

    • Dimitri

      That I agree with. However the drivers do it immediately so that way they can report anything with the rider. A rider can report it instantly as well or ignore the rating.

      Maybe drivers can contact Uber for that and let them know.