Telus reports $3.4 billion revenue in Q3 2017 earnings report

The company now boasts 8.8 million wireless subscribers


  • Dimitri

    Switched over to Telus From Rogers and it was worth it. The customer service I have gotten in the past with Rogers was crap. Telus reps and managers have been amazing so far. Yes all carriers have the same problem however it’s a welcoming when reps are helpful from other carriers.

    • Surveillance

      I echo your comments. Totally thrilled with this company. I don’t mind paying for good service, whether it’s the human variety or network. Both are outstanding

  • MoYeung

    But my Telus home internet and TV package prices keep going up …

  • aaron

    The monopoly is real. A national company (NOT a multi nation or international company) Is clearing 3.4 billion a quarter LOL.

    • JammerMan79

      You mean 10.3 for Facebook

    • Rethcork

      Your numbers are a little off, Facebook did profit about 4.7 Billion, Telus on the other hand had Q3 profit of $370 Million. The $3.4 billion number in the title is revenue, not profit.