Sony updates PlayStation mobile app with more modern interface

The newly updated PlayStation mobile app

Sony has updated its PlayStation 4 mobile app to feature a new user interface.

Once gamers update to the new app, they’ll find a new, more modern tabbed interface that foregrounds some of the PlayStation 4’s more popular functionality. For instance, one tab allows users to access their friend’s list, while another grants access to one’s notifications. According to Sony, the new interface makes it easier and faster than before to switch between major aspects of the app’s functionality. Overall, the new interface is reminiscent of a social network like Facebook with its emphasis on friend activity.

Tapping the blue PlayStation Button, located in the middle of the navigation bar, allows users to see games that are coming to the PS4 soon, as well as way to access all the other functionality the app has on offer.

Following the trend of other major apps that have gone through a redesign process, Sony has stripped some of the functionality that it included in previous versions of its app.

For instance, users will no longer be able to access the new ‘Live from PlayStation’ feature, which previously allowed them to watch game streams. In addition, the PS4’s second screen functionality is now tied to a separate standalone app.

The updated PlayStation app is available on Apple smartphones running iOS 9 and later, as well as Android smartphones running Android 4.1.

Sony promises additional improvements down the road.

Source: PlayStation Blog