SNES Classic alternative Super Nt to include unreleased Super Nintendo game director’s cut

Super Nt

A new version of critically acclaimed SNES game Super Turrican is headed to the upcoming Analogue-made SNES Classic alternative system, the Super Nt.

While the game’s original 1993 release was critically applauded, this wasn’t the complete version of the title. Now, 24 years later, all of the content that the game’s now-defunct developer, Factor 5, was forced to cut has been re-added with Super Turrican: Director’s Cut.

The game isn’t being sold on its own and is instead bundled with the Super Nt — a high-end recreation of the Super Nintendo that’s capable of playing classic SNES cartridges on modern televisions via HDMI and in 1080p.

Super Turrican: Director’s Cut is built directly into the Super Nt and won’t be released on cartridge. According to The Verge’s Andrew Webster, Analogue aimed to initially release the game on a real cartridge, but wanted to “make it available to everyone at no extra cost.”

The announcement that Super Turrican is getting a re-release is reminiscent of Nintendo including Star Fox 2 on the SNES Classic. As an interesting side note, this director’s cut of Super Turrican actually first came to the Wii’s virtual console back in 2008.

The original Super Turrican had to be cut down by 33 percent to 4MB in order to fit on a Super Nintendo cartridge because of publisher requirements. In total, the director’s cut of the title includes a new level, music, enemies, game mechanics and improved sound effects and graphics.

As someone who is familiar with the 16-bit era of gaming, I’m surprised I’ve never heard of Super Turrican before. The game seems to evoke the classic 2D sidescrolling era that many fondly remember Nintendo’s Classic SNES for.

The Analogue Nt is set to be release in February for $189 USD (approximately $239 CAD).

Source: The Verge