Google Photos latest update makes it easier to find your furry friend


Building on an earlier enhancement, Google is making Photos, its online image and video storage and sharing app, even more attractive to pet owners.

To find photos and videos of their furry friend, Photos users no longer need to type “dog” or “cat” into the app’s search bar. Instead, they’ll find photos of their pet grouped alongside those of their friends and family inside of the app’s ‘People’ section.

Users can label this section to add their pet’s name, making it easier to later search for relevant images or videos. Additionally, it’s now possible to search for images using the breed of your cat or dog. Users can also use emojis to find their pet.

As alluded to above, this new functionality builds upon a feature Google released earlier in the year. In May, Photos started to automatically create musical movie tributes in honour of users’ pets.

Source: Google