OnePlus to unveil OnePlus 5T in November, says report


  • Nachotech

    Hopefully the oneplus 5 gets a nice discount when this new version arrives. If they knocked down the price by $100-$150 the oneplus 5 would be my next phone for sure.

    • Eric Yang

      They don’t do discounts. What Oneplus does is that they don’t replenish stock once its sold out, and just wait for the new unit to come out.

  • Mohamed Abdourahman

    I hope its google daydream compatible.

  • Mo Dabbas

    I really don’t like what they did with the 3 and 3T. Why not make different models like you used to do with the OnePlus X and OnePlus one when the OnePlus 2 was on sale.
    In anyway, I’m not sure how this would be the 5T since it’s a completely different design. The 3T was exactly the same as the 3 but with small upgrades to battery, front camera and processor. This one looks like a major overhaul of the phone. We’ll have to wait and see I guess.

    • jay

      agree not the same design….

  • Rey

    For a second there I thought that was a G6 in the pic.

  • bloodless

    18:9 aspect ratio – again.
    It seems all these manufacturers are getting into the same bed together now.
    When actual content, and our expensive 4K HDTVs start changing to be predominantly 2:1, then…and ONLY then, should these devices be 2:1.
    Forcing 2:1 on us prematurely is a mistake, but it is unfortunately a mistake that is now snowballing.

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