LG will produce foldable phone displays for Apple, says report


  • It’s Me

    Foldable isn’t the interesting part of the story. Taking away more of parts supply from Samsung is.

    • Smanny

      Personally I think the funny part of this story is Apple doesn’t want Samsung to learn about Apple’s sensitive technology. So what technology would Apple have in terms of Samsung’s AMOLED displays, or foldable displays for that matter? Samsung has been showing of foldable displays at CES for a few years now.

    • It’s Me

      That’s actually true, but it’s a bit of a simplistic and incomplete picture.

      1) While others, like Samsung, produce the parts, Apple does their own R&D on many of the parts, CPUs are a good example. They then order their parts with their own custom specifications. Apple may not want to tip their hand to Samsung as far as what display customizations they are considering for future products.

      2) Given the prominence of the display and that important technologies Apple may be researching, like under display print sensors or light sensors or pressure sensors or other sensors. Again, this might require giving info to their display supplier, even if that supplier isn’t involved with the other parts because the display might need special considerations. Again, no desire to tip their hand.

      And I am sure a big part has nothing to do with technology. Samsung’s profitability is still very, very dependent on their parts business and that business is very dependent on Apple. I am sure Apple is partly motivated to limit how much they fund their largest competitor.

  • Andrew Holt

    So we’ve come full circle and are heading back to the days of flip phones.

  • Jon Duke

    Don’t you just love how people see Apple as the leader of stuff and yet everything in their phone is made by someone else (mainly their competitors)?

    • It’s Me

      True of almost every company in the consumer electronics space. Are you new?

    • Brad Fortin

      You make it sound like Apple buys off-the-shelf parts without any modification or improvement, and we know that’s not true.

    • Jon Duke

      Of course that’s not true. They made it sound like Apple is inventing something, which isn’t true either.

    • Brad Fortin

      Which part of “LG will produce […] displays for Apple” made it sound like Apple is inventing something?

  • Jason

    Remember when iPhones could bend without the need for a special screen

  • Smanny

    “Apple will sever ties with its current subscriber Samsung, due to fears related to the South Korean tech giant learning about Apple’s sensitive technology.”

    Umm, Samsung is making foldable displays already, and have been showing them off at CES for a few years now. So what secrets does Apple have that is so sensitive with foldable displays? Is this like the hardware that Apple created to cutout the top notch on Samsung’s panels for the iPhone X?

    • Razvan Zamfir

      I agree and I will add: I’ve been hearing this “Apple will cut ties with Samsung” ever since the first big lawsuit came about, how many years ago?, year after year. And yet, it never happens.

      Mind you, maybe it will, but I’ll take any such report with a grain of salt and a feeble attempt by “analysts” to dip Samsung shares a bit (disclaimer: i don’t own any samsung shares, nor am I a big fan of either company).

      At this point, I trully think it’s just market and media manipulation.

    • thereasoner

      I doubt that Samsung copying has anything to do with it. All these companies copy from each other anyways and legit IP is protected. This is more about trying to limit their biggest competitor from profiting off them.