Niantic makes amends for Pokémon Go issue where last ‘Premier Ball’ always breaks

Pokemon Go

The latest Pokémon Go bug caused Raid Bosses to always break free from the last Premier Ball available.

Niantic, the developer of the widely played mobile game, knows about this widespread issue and are working on a way to fix the issue.

As compensation for the issue, Niantic plans to offer an extra Premier Ball to trainers at the end of a Raid Battle. This gives trainers more of a chance to catch bosses and Legendary Pokémon.

Premier Balls are a special type of Pokéball that are exclusive to Raid Battles. After defeating a boss or Legendary Pokémon, players are given a limited number of Premier Balls to capture that Pokémon.

The issue was first uncovered by members of The Silph Road community, a network of Pokémon Go trainers.

Via: Polygon