Canada has the fastest mobile internet in North America, according to Speedtest Global Index

An image showing the results of a Speedtest

Canadians enjoy the fastest mobile download speeds in North America, beating out the U.S. and Mexico, and parts of the Caribbean, according to Speedtest’s July 2017 results for it global speed index.

While that might seem impressive, at 35.19 Mbps, Canada ranks 13th — right below Denmark and right above New Zealand.

Norway ranks first in terms of global mobile data speeds, clocking in at 52.59 Mbps. Iraq ranks last — at 122nd — with average speeds of 3.03 Mbps.

In terms of fixed broadband speeds, Canada doesn’t rank as well.

Canada is at a solid 18th place, with broadband speeds of 57.86 Mbps.

Interestingly enough, global mobile data speed leader Norway ranks below Canada — at 19th place and 57.78 Mbps — in terms of broadband speed.

Singapore — with broadband speeds averaging 154.38 Mbps — is the global leader, beating out South Korea’s 125.69 Mbps.

The country with the slowest broadband internet in the world is Venezuela, with speeds of 3.20 Mbps.

Source: Speedtest Global Index