Canada has the fastest mobile internet in North America, according to Speedtest Global Index


  • Benjamin Lehto

    I’d take more realistic and generous data allowances with reasonable pricing ANY DAY over having the best speeds.

    • Surveillance

      I have a 10gb plan and I’m ecstatic to only be paying $80 a month. And that’s unlimited Canada wide airtime too

    • Andrew Holt

      Say hi to everyone else in Saskatchewan for me.

    • Surveillance

      Dave says hello

    • ciderrules

      I doubt many people remember but SaskTel had ADSL in late 1995. First in North America.

      Switching from a 56k modem it was a real eye opener.

    • Ghenosis

      Have the $65 10GB+2GB Bonus data plan from Saskatchewan here in BC, with BC address. Thanks Bell.

    • Ghenosis

      Oh yeah, our Source store gave me the S8+ @ $0 for the two year agreement. Shop around and know your carriers and you can do better than what is advertised.

    • Garrett Cooper

      I have the SK Koodo $48 5GB plan here in AB w/ my AB number. Big improvement over my olf Bell plan of $86 for 2.5GB!

    • John Lofwire

      I had a promo last month for business.

      65$ 12 gb
      80$ 24 gb

      unlimited canada wide and shared data as well.

    • John Lofwire

      Any country no but most of them yes lol.

  • TomsDisqusted

    And our carriers make more money per user (ARPU) then any other country in the world. Much more.

  • MoYeung

    “Canadians enjoy the fastest mobile download speeds in North America, beating out the U.S. and Mexico, and parts of the Caribbean”

    Yay, let’s drink Canadian syrup to celebrate?

  • Surveillance

    But how much does one really need? 25mbps likely suits everyone just fine

    • John Lofwire

      agreed i usually ask my client to turn off LTE on the device its increase battery life and make reception even better and average speed is 20 to 40 mb on it.

  • JD

    It’s so fast because it’s so expensive everyone is afraid to use it just avoid overages

  • Robert Martin

    Videotron offers 940Mbps down an 50Mbps up for 145$

    • Roger

      Is that actual speed?

    • Robert Martin

      to date every time I check the speed, mine is not that high, they do what they say. From their server to you yes. It’s a cable network not grandma Bell

    • John Lofwire

      I have 120 mb down and 20 mb up on videotron cable and i never get under thats in any speed test so as much as videotron wireless network is a joke the landline they have are very solid.

    • expunisher

      Exactly I have 250 with rogers but could get gigabit for $108, albeit the regular price is like $145. My friend has the gigabit and gets around 800 wired and 400 wireless (but I think that’s bc of his wireless card)

  • Surtock

    you get what you pay for

  • delumen

    What is the point of fast internet if you can’t even use data?

    • Troublemaker

      Propaganda dude, thats the point lol

  • Ipse

    “Study brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Robellus rep”.

  • Anonymous

    It’s probably a bs study. Also, when it comes to representing your country well, being number 1 in North America isn’t impressive.