Microsoft’s new Xbox Wireless Adapter is 66 percent smaller than its predecessor

Microsoft has announced a smaller Xbox Wireless adapter for connecting Xbox controllers to Windows PCs.

The adapter, which is 66 percent smaller than the previous version, looks identical to a standard USB stick. Just like its predecessor, the dongle supports up to eight controllers simultaneously, as well as four chat headsets and two stereo headsets.

The price also remains the same, coming in at $29.99 CAD for pre-orders. The actual adapter is set to release on January 31st, 2018, according to a date posted on the product’s listing. The only other fact worth noting is that the adapter does not work with Xbox 360 controllers, just like the original version of the Xbox Wireless Adapter.

Why did Microsoft decide to announce a new, considerably smaller Xbox Wireless Adapter USB stick when all the device does is sit in your computer? Who knows.

You can pre-order Microsoft’s new Xbox Wireless Adapter at this link.