City of Toronto reporting technical issues with ‘911’ emergency calls [Update]

City of Toronto sign

The city of Toronto is currently experiencing technical difficulties with 911 phone calls.

It’s unclear what these difficulties entail, specifically, nor is it known why they have occurred. In the meantime, though, Toronto Police say those calling with emergencies can still contact 911, although there may be longer than normal wait times. Toronto Fire and Toronto Parademics are handling the calls during this time.

For non-emergencies, Toronto Police says that there is temporary hotline that citizens can call. The number 416-808-XXOO, with the two Xes corresponding to a specific division. A list of divisions can be found here.

This would be a situation where the CRTC’s proposed improved next-generation 911 services could be of assistance. In theory, smartphone users would be able to transmit essential photo and video information to emergency services to help with incidents like car crashes.

This article will be updated as more information becomes available.

Update 07/21/17 4:38pm:

The Toronto Police’s official Twitter account has made two additional tweets.

With this line now active again, the previously mentioned temporary seems to no longer be needed.

Toronto Police also reminded citizens that certain non-emergencies can be reported online. More information can be found here.



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