Virgin Mobile debuts new 50Mbps home internet tier and expands footprint to include DSL


  • Jason

    We’ve had Bell internet 25/10 for a few years now because there really hasn’t been another option but now that Virgin has 50/10 we may switch to that. I’ve had a VM phone for years with no issues I would imagine internet would be the same.

    • Desi Jatt

      FYI: VM is Bell

    • somebody else

      You could also check out the independent ISP’s too.

  • Charles Smith

    Would I be able to change internet from Bell to this Virgin
    internet service and still maintain Bell Fibe Television

    • somebody else

      Bell owns virgin mobile, fyi.

    • Experienced

      It is possible but It uses 2 different modems and you cannot run 2 different modems on the same service line. It is not a likely scenario.

  • Bryan

    So what is this exactly? A Broadband device? Is it compatible with Windows 7 and 10?

    • somebody else