Here are all the current Canadian wireless rate plan promotions [July 17 – July 23]


  • Do Do

    Nothing to see here

    • somebody else


  • Ricky Bobby

    You would imagine after Public Mobile introduced their 3G plans, Chatr would capitalize on the business.


    Chatr fights back with the same 3G plans as Public Mobile LOL

    • somebody else

      Chat-r is rogers and public mobile is telus.

  • Cameron Davidson

    I’m not seeing the new 6GB Bell plan in my account’s data choices.

  • Garrett Cooper

    Increase prices, remove bonus data. Good job Bell!! Glad I picked up an SK $48 5GB plan last weekend. Guess it’s the end of subsidized phones for me lol,

  • Philip Freire

    I called rogers about the $20 no tab discount and they said thats for special customers they are targeting and the details entail that you have to have rogers hispeed internet with no wireless products. its basically for rogers customers to get another product bundle in.

    If I’m wrong please let me know because this is what Rogers cancellation department is telling me.