32GB iPhone 6 now available at Rogers and Fido


  • Jason Hills

    I am unexcited.

  • Rev0lver

    Is the 32GB Nexus 4 arriving soon?

  • Smanny

    It’s $499 outright. For a 3 year iPhone 6 with the same 1 GB of RAM, 8 mp rear camera, 1.2 front facing camera, and cat 4 LTE. Come time in the fall for the new iPhone’s, this iPhone 6 will be 4 generations old. Not to mention the A8 SoC doesn’t support Apple’s ARkit which is arriving with iOS 11.

    • thereasoner

      It will be $399 or less on the coming months I’m thinking. We’re talking low midrange devices .

    • Smanny

      Still $399 it’s not worth it, especially when you can find used iPhone 6’s for around $250 on Kijiji, or Craigslist.

  • bcsc

    Can I get a pager with that please?

  • thereasoner

    It’s hilarious how far Apple will go in a desperate effort to avoid more quarterly year over year sales declines. You’d never see this or the iPhone 5/SE when Apple was growing.

    Re-rleasing a phone best known for poor build quality that led to failed displays due to Touch Disease with nothing more than a little extra memory only serves to devalue the brand even more. How are the faithful going to say “you can’t afford one” when iPhones are so cheap these days?

    • Smanny

      Can find a iPhone 6 on Kijiji or Craigslist for around $250. That explains everything.

    • Mawhayden

      Chill, your starting to sound like those folks on Fox News….we will wake up tomorrow and most of us will still be alive. You ack like someone is asking you to pay for those iPhones. If someone wants to buy a silly phone that’s their choice not yours…..