Facebook hopes to expand its ‘profile picture guard’ feature to more countries

Facebook app

Facebook has announced a new feature for users in India that blocks others from stealing profile pictures.

For those who live in India, an option now appears entitled “profile picture guard.” This feature stops people from saving your profile picture or taking screen shots on Android devices. Additionally, other users can’t share or send profile pictures in messages, and those who you are not friends can’t tag themselves or others in your profile pictures.

Users with the Facebook guard will have a blue border and a shield around the picture to show that the profile is protected. There is also an option for Facebook users to have Indian textile designs that can be layered over the picture, further stopping others from copying photos

According to Facebook this new functionality was added due to a study in India revealing that women don’t feel comfortable posting their pictures online. Based on what the social network learns about this feature in India, it says it hopes to expand it globally.