Pornhub gets 500,000 virtual reality views per day

Pornhub says that it gets approximately 500,000 daily views from its 360 videos, which are viewable through mobile VR headsets like Google Cardboard, the Daydream View and Samsung’s Gear VR.

Pornhub stats

On Christmas Day, however, that number surged to 900,000 — which is somewhat disturbing — likely stemming from people getting new virtual reality headsets as a gift and then immediately testing them out with 360-degree porn streamed via Pornhub.

The streaming porn platform also revealed personal popular VR related search terms, including 360 VR, 360 degree, virtual reality, 3D VR and 360 Cam. The company’s results also reveal that men are 160 percent more likely to watch VR porn videos than women and that the age of VR content viewers is between 25 and 34, amounting to 47 percent.

Pornhub stats

Pornhub VR video popularity

Pornhub says that it currently hosts more than 2,600 VR videos, jumping from 30 back in Spring 2016. As an interesting side note, Canada doesn’t even make the list of countries where Pornhub’s VR content is popular.

Source: Pornhub