Self-driving car experiment shows significantly reduced traffic


  • Smanny

    Not only this, but in the future I can see insurance companies offer much better insurance rates for people that let their car drive itself (autonomously​). Whereas people who want to still drive their own vehicles will pay a higher premium. As time goes on, it will become to costly for people to drive yourself around manually. Mark my words.

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  • SingleOccupantDriver

    Yes and lane splitting capable thin EVs will also dramatically improve traffic throughput and improve air quality.

  • Les

    The title is incorrect, or at least incomplete. Traffic wasn’t reduced, traffic congestion was.

    Similarly, the lead sentence “self-driving cars may lead to significantly reduced traffic flow” probably should have been “significantly improved traffic flow.” If anything, this would probably increase traffic, just like a new highway increases traffic while reducing congestion.

  • Mr_Smoosh

    Traffic reductions due to people not wanting to be seen in such a hideous car. do they come up with these designs on purpose?