Samsung plans to release update to fix Galaxy S8 and S8+ red tint issue


  • Dimitri

    Many with the S8+ do not have this issue as well as my self. Maybe some devices didn’t correct them selfs with the software thus needed a update to do so.

    • samsvoc


    • Dimitri

      Yes? Anything else u want to say other then ” whaa” 🙂

  • kirfer

    There is no defect but here’s an update to fix it: doubleplusgood, Samsung!!

  • tvguy

    My S8+ purchased via Telus is fine. Samsung’s “fix” is nothing more than a bandaid solution to hide a hardware fault. If my screen was pink, I’d return for a replacement or refund. These phones are too damn expensive to settle for a defective display.

    • Dimitri

      Actually before we blame Samsung, all manufacturers have had this problem.. I had the iPhone 6, S6, HTC One M8, Z3 and they had those issues.. Same with many others.. Sony sent out a update and fixed the issue. Same with HTC. Apple replaced the unit instead. So it does happen. As of why? Could be something within the software or display but as it looks like it, not many are having this issue.. Only a few.

      So the update will most likely fix it. I doubt it’s a display issue ( hardware). If it was, all of us would have it.

    • tvguy

      Time will tell. Increasing or decreasing the color gamut may negatively impact the colors of the display. After the fix arrives, we’ll know if this is a hardware issue.

    • h2oflyer

      It sounds like Samsung’s software didn’t connect with the colour balance feature which is part of Nougat.

      If you play with the RGB sliders you can create a red tint or whatever tint you want. Possibly some phones had sliders that weren’t optimized properly, thus the need for a software patch.

    • Dimitri

      That’s what I thought as well. Let’s see how it goes with the update when it comes out.

  • Lukeiphone

    And here comes the glitches of Android ecosystem

    • Do Do

      LOL, as if Windows and Apple’s etc don’t

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