Canada reportedly falling behind in clean tech sector


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  • jenk

    Clean tech is complicated tech. You need a crazy skillset to innovate in the clean tech field (higher eductaion in science/math/engineering etc). I think Canadians like the idea of clean tech, but most are uninterested in the kind of effort required to become fluent in those languages. Most would rather flourish in an oil-powered tech paradise than try to reinvent the wheel, no matter how loudly they proclaim their concern for the future of the environment.

    • You are right there. The effort it takes is more than most want. All reports on clean tech lead with the dollar amount. They get blinded by the $50 billion and forget what it will take to get there. If the government really wanted to help, they would have made free education for jobs that support clean tech or anything else we want to grow in Canada.

  • Jason

    From what I’ve seen about clean tech; Politician: Yes I love clean tech. Engineer: I can have a clean set up for $x Million. Politician: hmmmm I put it in next years budget. Repeat

  • Beautiful Blessings

    Perhaps Canada has learnt from the disaster unfolding in the state of South Australia that so-called ‘green’ and ‘clean’ energy does NOT keep the lights on…as heaven is my witness.

    • Can’t Fix Stupid

      Or here in Ontario where it’s driven hydro costs sky high…so first the businesses left and now residential rates became such and issue then the provincial liberal govt had to just tack on a rate reduction to the debt after raising rate to pay for clean tech.

      Or how about the windmills on the Oak Ridges Moraine? Want to build a house on it…maybe or you have to jump thru hoops. Want to put up windmills on that land? No problem. Half the time aren’t even turning or producing power…no problem!

      But at least we’ve got out of control real estate prices to prop things up.

    • Beautiful Blessings

      Alas, the real estate price are the proverbial bubble awaiting the needle, as they say in Corinth…