Google reportedly building an ad-blocker into Chrome


  • hunkyleepickle

    Here’s hoping for a block on whatever autoplay audio ads mobilesyrup is using these days.

    • Roger

      I use adblock on Chrome and don’t see ads on mobilesyrup, except somehow the PC Canada ads show up. It’s not that intrusive, though.

    • Captain Henry Morgan

      It is MS’s bread and butter, by coming least that is what you can do to support them.

  • Omar

    Google making an ad-blocker that doesn’t actually block ads but let’s them threat websites who monetize ads they don’t like… Kind of like how Google is messing with YouTubers who make videos about content they don’t like.

    Censorship for the win! Or else no ads for you!

    • Jason

      They are blocking ads that arnt fair, so flashing ads, pop-ups, tracking, malware etc would all still be blocked but if an ad is a still image and looks native to the site it will be allowed through the filter

  • ciderrules

    Why would an advertising company want to block ads? Probably blocks non-Google ads.

    • Jason

      They want fair ads. most people have ad blockers for pop-ups, sound, tracking, and malware, But this coalition wants fair and safe ads so ads that would be off to the side and not be flashing or anything would be safe and allowed through the filter with the end goal being people reduce ads blockers

  • MoYeung

    How many people use ad blocker when visiting mobilesyrup?

    • KiwiBri

      There’s autoplay videos? I never knew, as I block the ads… 🙂

  • Jason

    People will read this and think Google is the devil for allowing ads but keep in mind not all ads are evil. Without ads my business would be on the 4th page of Google and I wouldn’t get any hits. Now I follow proper procedure, straight to the point, nothing flashy, defiantly no tracking or malware, so with ad blockers allot of people won’t see it and I will lose business but if they can make this coalition work then people may stop using blockers which then mean more business for me and the sites that host my ad.

  • jsebean

    The standards are mostly okay, but personally I feel video ads that play even without sound is unacceptable unless it’s on a video site. This is especially true for mobile, and if they don’t block those, I’ll keep using uBlock origin on sites that do this. Not everyone has unlimited internet. I want to support online creators, but the economics of it all is a two way street when you’re charged $5/GB in overage.

    • Actionable Conclusion

      Totally agree. I don’t like those video pop ups either and I think its going beyond intrusive in people’s web browsing experience.
      Personally I have no problem with ads on websites because I know that people need to make a living and get the word out for their products and services, and since we mostly consume free content online its a modest trade-off but its now gotten to the point where its like TV commercials and that’s just too much.

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