Garmin’s new Vivosmart 3 fitness tracker will likely make some Fitbit Charge 2 owners envious


On Wednesday, Garmin announced it’s latest Vivosmart fitness tracker, the Vivosmart 3. If you’re a long time Fitbit user, you may find yourself considering a switch after reading about what Garmin’s new wearable can do.

The most noticeable change, compared to past Vivosmart trackers, is a slimmer and sleeker form factor. Garmin says the Vivosmart 3 is waterproof up to 50 meters — though it can’t track pool laps — and has a battery capable of sustaining itself through five days of continuous use.

Like the Charge 2, the Vivosmart 3 includes an optical heart rate sensor and it’s capable of tracking V02 max, a stat that’s highly indicative of an individual’s aerobic health. It’s the first Garmin fitness tracker to support this functionality. It will also keep tabs on all the other stats most fitness wearables are capable of tracking, including steps, calories burned, floors climbed, sleep and more. Notably, it’s also capable of tracking strength training sessions.

Garmin is also hyping up the wearable’s stress tracking functionality. According to the company, the Vivosmart will keep track of its wearer’s stress levels, with on-device breathing exercises there to help users relax in stressful situations. All that’s missing from making the Vivosmart is GPS tracking.

Garmin’s Vivosmart 3 fitness tracker is available to pre-order starting today for $190 at major Canadian retailers like Best Buy. At $190, it’s about $10 cheaper than the Charge 2.

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