Amazon Canada selling select SD Cards at up to 36 percent off


  • ricazoid

    Where are these “massive discounts” you speak of?

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  • Andrew English

    They are pretty small sizes.

  • Andrw

    Lexar… If you’re figuring how to lose precious files from a loved one, purchase a Lexar!!!

  • Kevin Bacon

    Dude this is from a SCAMMER. It’s not even sold by Amazon and it’s been these prices for weeks. I know i’ve een looking for a good price on a 200GB MicroSD for 1 month now and PRIVA LTD is a SCAMMER.

    • Zach Gilbert

      Good catch.

    • Kevin Bacon

      Thank you for removing this article before people get scammed.

  • Ricky Bobby

    If it’s not being shipped and sold by or fulfilled by, don’t bother

    Is redflagdeals down or something?

    • Zach Gilbert

      All are from except the last one.

  • Maxime Dubois Bergeron

    Lexar make pretty shitty sd cards though…

  • Civuck

    Why is this tagged as News when it is clearly an Advertisement with referral links?

  • Mark Loney

    Misleading title..Says Massive discounts..Nothing massive to see here

  • Franco

    What a truly garbage post…

  • sammy11

    Time to un follow mobilesyrup on Facebook. What a disgustingly bad post

  • “Massive” might be a bit of an over statement

  • TrollSoul

    Where is this “massive” you speak of?

  • Zach Gilbert

    We updated the headline to better reflect the deals. Also, provided an affiliate link disclaimer to be more transparent. This disclaimer will be used in any post in which an affiliate link is used.

  • John

    Nothing to see here, move along people, move along.