Zedge is the one-stop app for Android customization [App of the week]


Are you the type of person who feels they need to change their Android device’s wallpaper at least once or twice a week? Are you constantly looking for a wallpaper that matches your personality, or one that says something personally about you?

Zedge, a versatile Android app, allows users to select from a plethora of wallpapers, ringtones, notifications, widgets, icons and games.

When first logging on, Zedge launches the user into the ‘Wallpapers’ section of the app and gives you four tabs to browse. The featured section shows you headers Zedge feels are worth checking out; Ghost in the Shell is currently featured because of wallpapers associated with the release of the movie.

To the right of ‘Featured’ is the ‘Recent’ tab, an area for wallpapers recently downloaded, and the ‘Popular’ tab is to the right of the ‘Recent’ tab. To the left of ‘Featured’ (the part of the app I usually skip) to, is the categories tab where Zedge offers 22 options for wallpapers and 26 options for ringtones and notifications. There are categories like ‘Abstract,’ ‘Pets & Animals’ and ‘Technology.’

Once you choose a wallpaper you’re fond of, click the icon that has a little phone and Zedge allows you to set wallpaper, adjust the it and save it. Below the title of the wallpaper you can select share, favourite and give it a thumbs up or down.  If you’re not looking for a wallpaper, the top left corner has a menu button brings you to Zedge’s other options. Notifications, ringtones, games and live wallpapers have a similar layout to the wallpaper options (although the live wallpapers option doesn’t have a category filter), while icons and widgets are arranged differently.

Note that the games and live wallpaper sections do not download in the Zedge app and instead bring the users to the Play Store.

Zedge screenshot

Icons give the user two tabs to choose from, ‘Icon Packs’ and ‘Categories.’ Icon packs shows different packs where Zedge users can look through different packs of icons and then pick a specific icon out of the pack to use to replace a current icon they already utilize.

For example, one of the icon packs is titled April Showers. Users can click that pack and go through the icons that look like little rain drops to replace the icons that they are currently using. Categories, such as e-mail, Facebook and Twitter, split the different icons up from their packs, into categories for each type of icon. Widgets, currently in beta, don’t have any tabs at the top and doesn’t feature many options. There are about 15 different time and date widgets to choose from that will download straight from Zedge.

Zedge gives the user the option to log in and become a member, in case the user is using Zedge on multiple devices and wants to look at their favourite ringtones from the different device.

Zedge screenshot

If you’re looking for great wallpapers, notifications, ringtones or icons, and don’t mind the occasional ad, give Zedge a try. Zedge is available for free in the Google Play Store.