Poop Troop Emoji Keyboard provides you with a poop animation for every situation

poop troop emoji keyboard

Everyone loves the standard happy poop emoji, but not everyone can relate to its happiness.

For instance, those who suffer from chronic idiopathic constipation (CIC), might associate poop with stress, depression, anger, embarrassment, surprise, concern, relief or euphoria — all depending on what kind of poop they’ve just experienced. That’s why Synergy Pharmaceuticals set out to create a more realistic set of poop emoji for every situation called the Poop Troop Emoji Keyboard.

“Many people with CIC feel embarrassed or uncomfortable talking about their symptoms with those closest to them, so they often suffer in silence,” said Julie Holcombe, senior director of marketing at Synergy Pharmaceuticals in a statement. “Our hope is that the Poop Troop can help make difficult conversations easier for people with CIC, while raising awareness around the impact of CIC beyond those living with this complex disorder.”

The poop emoji set includes animated poops of every kind, from constipation to normal to diarrhea, with a variety of accompanying emotions. Each poop has a different name, too, including “Plugged-up Paulie” and “Runny Ron,” and are objectively adorable.

The Poop Troop comes in emoji keyboard form for both Android and iOS, and Apple users have the added benefit of also receiving the poop emojis as an iMessage sticker pack. To enable the sticker pack, users can navigate to the iMessage store, toggle to the ‘manage’ tab, and then enable Poop Troop. Or they can just install the Poop Troop iMessage sticker extension directly from the iMessage store.

The company even suggests that the keyboard could be a good way of communicating gastrointestinal situations to healthcare providers.

To get the Poop Troop Emoji Keyboard find it available for free on the Google Play Store or App Store.

Update 07/04/17: This post previously failed to note that on iOS, the keyboard comes along with an iMessage sticker pack. It has been updated to reflect that fact.

Source: Business Wire