Ms. Pac-Man lands on Google Maps in honour of April Fools’ Day

Ms Pac Man on Google Maps

In what’s become an annual tradition, Google has updated Maps mobile app to allow users to play Ms. Pac-Man anywhere.

Unlike some of the company’s more nefariously hidden Easter Eggs, accessing Ms. Pac-Man from Google Maps this weekend is easy. Launch the mobile app and you’ll find the relevant icon easily enough. However, in case you’re having trouble finding the icon, my colleague Zach spent 10 minutes in Photoshop ‘stroking‘ the icons to create the helpful screenshot you see below.

Ms Pac-Man Google Maps

For the best possible experience, move the main map screen to the heart of a city like Toronto or New York. However, if you want a more challenging experience, find a suburban neighborhood with a lot of cul-de-sacs and straight roads.

Good luck; have fun.