Streamers and achievement hunters rejoice with new Xbox One update

Xbox One update

Microsoft has announced that a new update is currently rolling to the Xbox One that aims to enhance the console’s user interface in a number of ways.

Home screen

Microsoft’s goal with the Xbox One’s new home screen is to simplify the system’s UI and increase the overall performance of the console, according to Microsoft. The home screen now has a smaller icon for the game you’re playing and displays additional community info. The updated home screen also makes it easier to view achievements and interact with clubs.

According to Microsoft, the changes to the home screen have resulted in improved performance and stability when it comes to overall navigation with the Xbox One. Furthermore, menus feel snappier and apps and games load quicker. The update also makes multitasking on the Xbox One easier.

Guide update

Xbox guide

The Xbox One’s guide has also been changed as well and the task of taking screenshots and recording game clips is much easier too. The new guide gives Xbox One gamers better access to the Game DVR app and the app itself has changed as well. When recording, the menu overlay allows you to record for five minutes, however now you can start recording manually for up to 10 minutes.

Xbox One users also have access to music from the guide. One users can play, pause, change the volume and rewind songs, all from the guide menu.

The guide also now has a new achievement tracker. The achievement tracker works with the game you’re currently playing and allows players to track the progress of specific achievements.



One’s Beam app will come installed on all Xbox One’s released after this update. Beam is a live streaming service that Xbox calls “interactive and innovated.” Beam also allows users to stream games and watch different streamers in real time. Clicking the Xbox button on the controller opens up the Guide.

The update allows One streamers to manage their streams and interact with their viewers via a chat overlay. Beam also allows gamers who just want to watch streams to browse the app for the game they’re viewing, search for specific streamers, follow those streamers and even earn points from doing so.

Beam also requires an account however Xbox gives the player the option to log-in with their already-made Beam account or start broadcasting immediately and make the account later.

Other Xbox One updates

Xbox Copilot

According to Xbox, Cortana’s ‘overall performance and ability’ has been improved. The Xbox One’s new Cortana shows up as an overlay on your screen. With Cortana you can access party controls, play music and set reminders and alarms.

Accessibility has also changed with the new Xbox One update. The update will give players a ‘copilot’ option, which allows two controllers to work as one. This is intended to give a co-op experience to games meant for one player and to benefit those who require a ‘unique’ configuration.  Added to the accessibility option on the Xbox One is the ability to completely turn down the vibrations on the standard controller that comes with the console, as well as other additional vibration options.

Finally, the update also features screen-time limits for parents with children who love gaming more than schoolwork and Blu-ray bitstream pass through.

Source: Xbox