Google says Pixel Bluetooth bug has been fixed but many still having issues

Google Pixel

Back in February many Google Pixel and Pixel XL owners reported experiencing issues related to the phone repeatedly losing its Bluetooth connection.

While solving the issue is simply a matter of turning Bluetooth on again, hundreds of owners suggested that the error was potentially caused by Android’s February security update. Google noted that it was looking into the issue and that it planned to fix the bug “in an upcoming release.”

According to Google’s support forum, the fix has arrived and it there is no need for users to do anything as Google notes the solution is a “server-side change.”

Unfortunately, Pixel owners are still complaining the problem is still happening, with one user stating, “Server side fix did nothing for me, Bluetooth won’t stay on anymore even after reboot.”

If you are a Pixel owner let us know in the comments section if you’re still experiencing issues with your device.

Source: Google

Via: Android Police