iPhone users will soon be able to send Starbucks gifts with Apple Pay via iMessage

iMessage Starbucks

Starbucks recently announced that this coming April it is bringing its gifting service to the iOS messaging app.

iPhone owners will now be able to gift Starbucks purchases to other iOS users through the iMessage app using Apple Pay. While the details of the feature have yet to be revealed, its development was confirmed at Starbucks’ shareholder meeting.

It’s likely that the feature will be made available through an iMessage integrated app, though it’s unclear how this feature will actually function. The feature will only be available on iOS 10. Up until this point, the only feature Starbucks had integrated with Apple’s messages app was a sticker pack.

In addition, the company will continue to expand the availability of its “My Starbucks” virtual barista, which currently only has 100,000 users on the main iPhone app.

Source: Apple Insider