Apple discounts select games during indie games celebration

iTunes App Store Indie Games Celebration page - iOS games

Apple recently launched a new section on the iTunes App Store that highlights the iPhone and iPad’s best independently developed games.

For the most part, the section helps iOS users bypass the App Store’s overwhelming amount of choice to find gaming gems they may not have heard of before. Apple says it will regularly update the section with new titles.

Notably, however, Apple has also discounted several noteworthy titles to just $1.39, including Botanicula, a beautiful plant-inspired adventure game from the creators Machinarium; The Room Two, a game that needs no introduction with an aggregate five star score after 580 reviews; and Prune, Apple’s 2015 iPad game of the year winner.

Also highlighted is Oxenfree, which just launched on iOS.

Check out Apple’s entire indie games celebration page on the iTunes App Store to see all the other highlighted and discounted titles.

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