BlackBerry’s new Privacy Shade app lets you keep your information safe from nosy onlookers

screenshot of BlackBerry Privacy Shade in action

As part of its monthly app update cycle, BlackBerry has released a new Android app, only available on the company’s lineup of Google-powered devices, called BlackBerry Privacy Shade.

When installed, the app allows users to add a transparent filter to their smartphone’s display that should, in theory, prevent curious onlookers from seeing any incidental information displayed on the screen; when the app is active, only the part of the screen the user is currently interacting with is clearly visible. The idea here is to use the app anytime the user finds themselves in a public place like a subway or restaurant.

It’s possible to adjust the opaqueness of the shade to fit the surrounding environment. The company has created several ways for users to access the Privacy Shade’s functionality quickly. For example, users can add the Privacy Shade to their ‘Quick Settings’ menu, as well as bind it to the Convenience Key, if their device has one.

The BlackBerry Privacy Shade is available via the Google Play store.

BlackBerry also released minor updates to its Contacts, DTEK and Hub apps, which the company details on its official blog, InsideBlackBerry.