CRA discovers shuts down all online services after discovering ‘internet vulnerability’ [Update: Restored]

Canada Revenue Agency

The Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) online services have been down since Friday after an “internet vulnerability” was discovered.

“Ensuring that your personal information is not compromised is a priority for us. Upon becoming aware of an internet vulnerability that affects some computer servers used by websites worldwide, we took down our online services, including electronic filing, and are taking steps to ensure that all information and systems remain safe,” says the CRA’s website.

2016 taxes for Canadians are not due until April 30th and the CRA states that “you can still complete your tax forms, but will have to wait before filing.” However, businesses who submit payroll deductions and HST have been affected.

This downtime impacts online access from the internet and also the CRA’s MyCRA mobile app.


“At this time, we are not aware that any personal information has been affected; however, we continue to assess and remedy the situation. We are working to bring our online services back up as soon as possible. Updates will be ‎posted as they become available.”

March is Fraud Prevention month in Canada and many government bodies are promoting tips to be safe online.

Update: 5:04pm EST – March 12: The CRA has announced that its online services are now back to normal and Canadians can once again file taxes.

“In the last 48 hours, the CRA has worked around the clock with other government departments to implement a solution to address the vulnerability. We are now confident that the solution has been rigorously and successfully tested and services returned online,” said a statement by the CRA. “Individuals, businesses and representatives are now able to file returns, make payments, and access other digital services available through the CRA’s website, including all our secure portals.”

Source: CRA