Prisma update lets users create their own photo filters with artificial intelligence

Prisma app on iPhone

Prisma announced recently that its latest update will allow users to customize their own photo filters.

However, in doing this, the user will train the machine learning system to generate the type of filters each user wants.

Even for users who don’t want to customize their own shots, Prisma is launching a filter store both on Android and iOS to further expand the number of styles offered. The company told Engadget that all the visuals in the store will be free.

This move seems to be geared more towards letting their machine learning algorithms better select new styles for users, rather than forcing the same styles on all their users. To start, Prisma will reportedly add new styles every week, though the eventual goal is to add them on a daily basis.

Interestingly, the added AI features may be a play to generate return users. With machine learning algorithms integrated with the platform, the potential for new and unique designs is always present.

Source: Engadget